Another story of Louise Bud for one of your readers

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Another story of Louise Bud for one of your readers

Here's another story about Louise & Bud. She was 16 Bud was 17! One of the reader wanted more about Louise and here it is!! As I told him, Louise was real and during high school she was the most sexist girl I ever met! Did you ever meet a woman who just loved to fuck> Well she was one of the! Wish I knew where she was today!! God she was good! 

When we were kids we went to a quarry called Beaver Dam. The water was always cold and for us guys it kept our cocks shrunk most of the time but for the ladies their nipples were always hard and pointing against their bathing suits. One day Louise and I were hanging around when she came out of the water with her sticking out at me like hard points! God she looked good in her blue bikini. My cock was pushing against my suit most of the day from seeing her in that bikini! I loved watching her lay on the towel with her suit just covering her wonderful body. Now, she was breathing hard from swimming around in the water and I watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath. She told me as she laid there:" Boy the water is cold today!" I smiled and said: "Yes I can tell!" She looked down and smiled as she saw her nipples sticking out against her top. She gave me a very evil look and as she lay down on the towel she lifted one side of her bikini top letting her tit slip out and showing me her beautiful hard nipple sticking up at least an inch! She smiled and asked: "How's this make you feel babe? God I'm so horny today!" I just moaned and slid close to her taking the hard nipple into my fingers and rubbing it around. Then my mouth circled it and I began sucking it like a baby! Her hand went to my head and held it tight against her breast. She moaned as I sucked and whispered: "Let's go back into the van baby and go home. Both of my folks are gone for the weekend and I want to see what that big bulge is in your suit! I bet your cock is rock hard!" She smiled and ran her hand between my legs grabbing my cock with her hand." She smiled and told me: "Yes! Oh yes! It's very had! And I want it! Let's go home!" We got up and almost ran to the van. No sooner had I started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot she had her hand opening the leg of my bathing suit and pulling my out. She smiled as she saw how hard it was and told me: "Mumm!! This cock looks so good! I think it needs to cum or it will explored!" I moaned as she began to stroke the shaft up and down and licking my neck! She said: "Hurry Bud! Hurry baby! I want your hard cock in my pussy so fucking bad!" It took a few minutes to get out of the traffic and another few to get to her house. 

We ran to her front door and into her living room! I almost raped her as I pulled her top off releasing her nice round hard tits with those dark red nipples. I grabbed them and starting to suck them as hard and fast as I could. First the right then the left and then back to the right! Oh god I was so worked up! She grabbed my cock and pulled it out the top of my suit as she pulled each side down my hips. As I sucked her tits my hands now went to her suit and pulled the ties on both sides opening it like a diaper!! It fell to the floor between her legs and she kicked it away! She had my cock out of my suit and squeezing and stroking it fast! She lifted her body up and wrapped her legs around my waist as she guided my cock towards her open wet and waiting ! I slammed my hips into her shoving my cock half way into her cunt! She moaned and began to grind her hips moving her cunt on it and began yelling: "Fuck me Bud! Oh god!! !! Fuck me now baby! I want it so bad! Make me cum baby! We were both on fire! She was slamming her body into me as I carried her to the steps and walked up to her bedroom! As we took the stairs she was humping me like a fucking dog in heat! As we reached the hallway up stairs she was grunting and moaning as she continued to fuck away on my hard cock as I carried her down the hallway! She pushed the door to her room open and I walked into the room towards her bed as she began to orgasm as she continued to fuck away on my cock! 

When she reached the top of her climax she cried out and squeezed her legs around my body as I held her tight standing there in front of her bed. She bit my shoulder and with one last thrust hammered her cunt against my body! I could feel her cum running down my leg as she moaned and slowly rocked against me. Now Louise is short, maybe 5'1" and weighs about 105 but even so, I was getting tired and I laid her on the bed letting my extremely hard cock slid out of her pussy hole! It was all wet with her cum and shined in the sunlight coming into her room. She laid there looking up at me and told me in a very deep voice: "Come here baby and put that back into me. I want to make you cum now!" 

Part 2

I moved on the bed but before I put my cock back into her pussy I moved up and rubber it on her lips. She smiled, licked the swollen purple head and opened her mouth taking " my cock into it. Oh God Now she began to suck it so hard I felt like she would suck my guts out the hole in the head! Her tongue was like a snake as it licked around the head as she sucked. Her hand cupped my balls and rolled them around as she gently squeezed them a she sucked. I sat over her chest straddling her face with my knees! I began to slowly pump in and out of her round hot wet mouth! Moaning and holding her hair she stroked the rest of my hard long cock shaft as she sucked and sucked caving in her cheeks and rolling her tongue around my swollen cock head! Oh god how she sucked! She was like she was so hungry for my cum it just made me harder and harder and I began to really now as she worked on me. I knew I was going to cum very soon and told her: "Oh god baby! I'm going to cum now! Oh yes! OH fuck suck it baby! Suck it hard!! Oh yea!! Oh yea!! Oh fuck yeaaaaaaaaa!" Her hand was flying up and down my cock shaft and her mouth formed a perfect seal around the big head as she sucked as hard as she could The cum pumped hard and fast into her mouth as I began orgasming! As my cum pumped into her mouth she smiled up at me with those beautiful eyes and I felt her tongue licking the hole in the cock head as it was now dripping the last little bit of my cum into her mouth! 

She finally popped my cock out of her mouth and licked it up and down and then put the head back into her mouth and sucked what little cum was still in my balls. Finally when there was just no more cum left she pulled it out of her mouth again and played with it until it began to shrink to about " its size. I moved down next to her and kissed her shoving my tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked on it like she sucked on my cock a few seconds ago. She held my head as I licked her neck and shoulders and moved my mouth down her body towards her left tit. I used my fingers, lips and tongue to make her nipples long and hard! I pulled them with my lips and bit them with my teeth until I had both hard as my cock was getting again. I took the head of my cock and rubbed it over her left nipple and them the right one. I moved back up and straddled her chest this time and began to tit fuck her with my cock. She smiled as she watched my cock slid in and out between her wonderful tits. As my cock head got harder and my cock shaft got longer it was about an inch from her mouth! She almost laughed a she licked the head and heard me moan in delight! She continued to lick and suck the cock head as I kept it between her tits. My fingers worked her nipples and when I reached behind her I began rubbing her pussy which I found very wet! Finally and before I shot my load again, I moved off her chest and licked my way down her body towards her waiting pussy. 

She opened her legs wide and told me: "Eat me Bud! Lick my pussy and make me cum baby!" As my breath came closer to her she lifted her ass up off the floor in anticipation! I placed my hands under her beautiful ass and lifted her a little more making access to her hole even better. I wasted no time and put my tongue into her waiting cunt. As I licked up her pussy slit she moaned and told me: " Oh yes! Oh yes Bud! Lick me baby!" Mumm! Yea that's it! Oh god Bud I love it when you lick my pussy! xnxxv sunny leone video Faster baby! Lick me faster!" I rotated my mouth up and around her cunt hole licking all of her pussy. Using her hands she spread her cunt lips and showed me all of her pink insides and my mouth covered it sucking most of her tasty pussy into my mouth! I rammed my tongue into her hole as far as it would go! She arched and moaned out the word: "Yes!!!" Again and again she moaned out yes as I continued to lick and suck her pussy! Now she was rocking on my mouth as I continued to hold her ass up off the bed and lick her pussy. She pulled my hair pushing my face into her pussy hard! I looked and saw her pink clit sticking out its hood and I rolled my tongue over it quickly making her cry out in passion! Now with her clit between my lips my tongue flicked over making her pump her hips as she fucked away on my face. 

She had her hands on my head holding it tight and exactly where se felt the best vibrations on her clit! My tongue quicken and I was pushing harder now directly on that long hard bud sticking out at me. Her little clit cock was throbbing and was so swollen as I licked and sucked on it. Finally I felt her arch as high as she could go and rammed her pussy into my mouth as she bran to orgasm!! Screaming out the words" "OH FUCK YES!!!", she climaxed against my mouth as her cum flowed like a river over my face and into my mouth! I drank all of it just like she had swallowed my cum a few minutes ago. She went wild as her orgasm peeked and she had my face against her pussy so tight I couldn't get my breath. She held my face there with her hands as hard as she could and continued to fuck my mouth! Finally, she relaxed a little and I caught a breath hearing her yelling: "Oh come on! BUD Oh god fuck me! Fuck me now baby! Come on!! Oh Fuck! Stick your big cock into NOW!! OH GOD FUCK ME BUD!!"


I move around quickly and positioned myself between her legs. No fooling around, no playing with her pussy, I knew my woman needed my cock and needed it now. I held her legs open and lifted them under her knees as she guided my raging hard on into her pussy. I pushed and she thrusted her pussy into me as I filled her completely with one pump. Immediately, she began to hump her body up into fucking on my cock like she was crazy! Her head rolled from side to side and her ass continued to lift us both up off the bed as she fucked away. I lifted myself up with my arms and looked between us watching my cock disappear into her body as she moaned and went completely wild on my cock as her pussy squeezed and squeezed my cock shaft as it rammed into her hole. Now with all the desire and passion I had in my body I lifted her legs still higher fucking her cunt hard! I mean with each thrust into her cunt our bodies slapped hard against each other making a slapping sound that I'm sure could be heard all around the house! We humped and humped each other as fast as I could go! She screamed again and I felt her walls of her pussy grab my cock as she yelled out: "Fuck me baby! OH YES!! F U C K M E!!!!!!!" As she began to climax I could feel my balls get tighter and tighter. Looking down at Louse's face and see her eyes closed and seeing the passion there was the last thing I saw before I arched and slammed my cock as deep as I could into her pussy. Holding it deep in her body I could feel my cock thumping as it pump and pump and pump my cum into her beautiful body! She was high up in the air and holding her body feeling my cock give her my love and my cum! She moaned with each shot and finally when we were both finished out climax she relaxed and I lowered her body back onto the bed. 

Keeping my cock in her pussy and slowly pumping it in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around me and rolled us over so she was on top. With her tits hanging down in my face I sucked them one at a time as she rotated her hips moving her pussy around and around on my cock! She looked down at me and told me she loved me as she put her left tit back on my lips. Sucking her nipple deep into my mouth I could feel her body moving faster now on my cock as she humped on it! I knew she was going to climax again if I could just hold my hard on! She moaned and told me: "Oh Bud! Oh god baby! I love the way you fuck me" I kissed her and told her: "Well actually baby, you fuck me! I could just hold still and your body would fuck us both!" She smiled and at up on my cock and began riding my cock shaft up and down. Holding her hands behind her head she licked her lips and told me: "Oh god yes! Your cock feels so dam good! I'm going to cum again!" I thrust my hips up into her now as her body rode up and down up and down! I reached up and cupped each tit in my hands squeezing them and pulling on those . Rotating my hips around as she pumped up and down on it I could see in her face that she was close. I told her: "OH yea Lou! Oh yes baby! Cum for me! Cum on my cock baby!" She moaned one last time and was riding up and down as fast as she could and I felt her cum running down my cock and out her pussy. It dripped on to my balls and over the crack of my ass! 

With her head touched back and her hands squeezing her tits so hard they left fingerprints on them she climaxed! Her body moved in that orgasm motion which makes your body feel so good. Her face was a picture of pure desire. And I knew she was having a good one! As she started to come down I told her: "Put your pussy on my mouth baby!" She quickly moved of my cock and slid that up my body until she covered my mouth with it. I sucked it in and began to vibrate my lips on her open hole. She screamed again and began to climax again! She body pushed down into my mouth as I used my fingers, lips, tongue and mouth to get her off ! She shuttered uncontrollably as she climaxed in just a few seconds! This time her cum ran into my mouth as I licked her and licked her! She stayed on my face until she got off one last time making at least 5 orgasms!! When she was finished she slid down my body and kissed me hard saying: "Oh god baby! You sure can make me cum!" . Her tongue fucked my mouth and she tasted her own cum as I sucked on it! We fell asleep in each other's arms. When I woke up she was still laying there on top of me. She moaned as my hands roamed over her round ass cheeks that sat high up in the air. We both knew we would fuck many more times this weekend before her parents got home! real forced anal against her will Stay tune for the next story of Louise & Bud!