Nude Swimming

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Nude Swimming

If life would allow me to be naked all the time, I surely would. That is especially true if I were outside. I love the warmth of the sun on my normally covered parts and the breeze blowing over my butt and cock.

I usually find time to go skinny dipping in my apartment pool at least once a week. It is usually in the later evening when everyone has left. The pool is nicely secluded, and if someone comes by, I can normally hear them and find my suit quickly.

Such was the case one recent evening around eleven oclock during the week.

My body is long and lean and decently muscled. More of a swimmers body than someone who lifts weights a lot. However, I have been told I have one of the greatest butt on a man that some had ever seen! I tend to agree with them! Haha! I live in an area of the world where speedo trunks are very ok. And I certainly look good in white! My cock is very thick and pretty long at 7 inches, so it shows well in the white suit, especially when its wet.

On this particular evening, I was feeling kind of horny and decided to go to the pool. I usually get in the water with my suit on and then take it off and put it on the steps that are located at the end away from the entrance. Because I was feeling horny too, I was swimming around with an /erection/">erection. porn videos download It doesnt always happen but that night surely the case!

Its not totally unusual to get a xxx visitor, so when I heard someone coming I put my suit back on. I am not turned on by masculinity for the most part, but on occasion I will see a man and feel my cock jump in my pants! Such was the case when this /gorgeous/">gorgeous gentleman walked in the pool area. I had never seen him before, but was certainly glad to see him then!

I was very curious as to his sexual orientation, and was going to try my best to find out. I am bisexual, but have had only two sexual experiences with the same sex.

He was wrapped in a towel around the waist, and was shirt less, revealing a very nice upper body. He took his towel off to reveal a nice red speedo. He was very fit and not bothered by my presence. We greeted each other but I stayed away and swam leisurely at the other end.

He did swim closer and we started to make small talk on occasion, but still kept some distance. I asked how his day had gone and he said fine and that he had just come from the /gym/">gym. I commented that it looked like it was working! He gave me kind of a sexy thank you! I was pleasantly surprised.

He got out of the pool to do something by his towel and I watched him the whole time, and wanted him to know I was watching him. He stood by the edge of the pool and said something about be sore and the water feeling good. I told him the water is sometimes almost erotic. He went back to his towel and then walked toward the steps of the pool. I could see his cock had gotten bigger, and he was not hiding it at all.

I was so hot by this time, I just decided to be bold and see what happened. I swam over to him and without saying a word, I reached around from the side and put my hand on his butt! We were standing up in the water and we got close enough so our bodies could touch. I started to rub his chest and stomach with my other hand, and he reached down and put his hand on my cock!

I had not had sex with a man in quite a long time and this really sent me over the edge. I was so /crazy/">crazy aroused that I started to kiss him and moan very loud! Ive never kissed a man before and never really had the desire to, but passion came over me like Id never experienced before. I wanted to suck his cock so /bad/">bad!!! I led him over to the steps and quickly pulled his trunks down. I took his cock in so fast and sucked and moaned and moved up and down on that hot piece of meat!

He was writhing and moaning and he came in my mouth so hard and so much, and I couldnt stop sucking him! Its like, I didnt want to take him out of my mouth. I cleaned and swallowed every drop of cum he had. I had such a crazy pleasure sucking his cock, I would not have even cared that he did the same to me but he did! It took all of about thirty seconds for me to cum, and he swallowed mine as well.

We sat on the steps for quite some time just stroking each others flaccid penis and chest and stomach without saying a word.

In the past, I had a quick flight response afterwards, but not this time. It was very pleasant to just hold and rub his penis. I guess I didnt want it end.

I would like to tell you we had more of those, but I never saw him around again. Every time I go skinny dipping in that pool, I swim the whole time with an erection because of that one crazy night that Ill never forget, and probably wont happen like that again!