Is It Hot In Here

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Is It Hot In Here

Yeah, Niki was my girl, and to this day I still don?t understand why. She was as cute as they come. A farmer?s daughter and he sure knew how to grow ?em, if you know what I mean.

About 5? 3?? short, long straight brown hair, green eyes, cute little nose, and full luscious lips. Tits, oh those beautiful tits, not too big, not too small, you know just right. She was about 10 Lbs. over perfect weight. That ass was to die for. When she put on those tight jeans and walked by the guys they all had to take another look before they let her walk on by.

All the guys wanted her. One look at her and you could just tell she was built for sexual pleasure and everybody knew it. I had to put up with every guy around trying to get in her pants when we went out. Hell, she even had other chicks hitting on her she was so hot.

Me? I?m just a regular guy, 5?11??, 155lbs, brown hair, and blue eyes. I guess I?m built ok. Oh, by the way, my name is Scott.

It was a hot summer Saturday morning and Niki and I both had the day off from work. We had planned to sleep late and just have fun and enjoy the weekend. When I woke up kind of early Saturday, I just couldn?t go back to sleep. The main reason why was there was Niki lying beside me, naked. We had stayed up late last night fucking our brains out till we just couldn?t go on, and then collapsed in each other?s arms and fell asleep.

Now there she was just lying there sleeping so innocently, that body made for sex begging me to do something to awaken it. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see her beautiful pussy just waiting for attention. The aroma of the hot steamy sex we had just a few hours earlier still lingered in the air and the sight of her and the smell were making my cock come alive. I just had to roll over and put my nose between her legs and breathe in that wonderful scent.

That is all it took, I positioned myself between her legs. My face was just a couple of inches away from that wonderful pussy of hers. I lay there smelling it till I couldn?t take it any longer. My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as it found its way between her xxx sex video download free com full, swollen pussy lips and very tenderly began to slide up and down her slit, still warm and moist from the night before. I dipped my tongue in her sweet hole and started to slide it upward till it reached her now awakening clit. I licked and stabbed the end of it with just the tip of my tongue. It twitched and that is what brought Niki out of her restful sleep. I heard a low throaty moan and felt her hands on my head as she awakened and spread her legs as far as she could to let my lips and tongue have their way with her now hot, dripping pussy.

The next thing I heard was ?Oh God Scott, eat my pussy? as I used my fingers to pull the soft skin hood back from over her now big, swollen clit. I wrapped my hot, wet lips around it at the tip and began to suck softly up and down its length as my tongue pushed and encircled it sucking her closer to the edge of orgasmic pleasure.

I could feel my hard, throbbing cock drippin precum. It was trapped between my belly and the bed as I humped the bed to give my hot, swollen member some pleasure of its own. I sucked and pulled up on her now spasming clit with my hot, wet lips till it slipped from between them and snapped back down. My tongue immediately started an assault between her swollen, sloppy pussy lips as I started to tongue fuck her dripping hole.

I heard a loud squeal from Niki and the words, ?OH GOD Scott! I?M GONNA.? She never got to finish her sentence.

I immediately jumped up from between her legs and off the bed and ran out of the bedroom saying ?I got to go piss.? I was leaving her there with her beautiful body tensed and tight as a bowstring, in agony, begging for sexual release.

As I ran out of the room laughing I heard Niki scream, ?Scott, you pussy eating bastard! Get back up here and make me cum!?

As I made my way down the stairs to the bathroom I heard Niki scream, ?Scott, you?re gonna get it now, damn you.? I knew the payback would be nothing less than pure sexual tormenting pleasure.

This was just the beginning of what Niki and I loved to do to each other. We would do this all day long, just play around with each other and when we got a chance, bring each other to the edge of orgasm and then stop just before it happened.

The teasing and playing was the agonizing sexual pleasure that would build us both up to the night ahead when we would finally give in to our pent up sexual frustration of the day. Before the night was over, we both knew we would be acting like sex-crazed animals, with no intention of stopping until we were both completely spent and sexually satisfied.

You know, I just thought, maybe this is one of the reasons why Niki stayed with me.

I jumped in the shower to wash off the lingering aroma and stickiness of the pure sexual pleasure from the night before and the more recent coating of pussy juice all over my face. I didn?t want to have to confront Niki right then. I figured by the time I took a shower she would be downstairs and have her mind on other things by then. Boy was I wrong!!! I had only just gotten started when Niki shoved back the shower curtain and stood there naked with this sheepish little grin on her face.

She said, ?Look Scott, I?m not mad. As a matter of fact I think you were great last night and I just want to give you a little reward.? With that she reached out and grabbed hold of my still half /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and started stroking it. I couldn?t move. She was the best I had ever seen when it came to giving a man sexual pleasure with every part of her body. I loved it when she stroked my cock. Sometimes when I would eat her pussy till she cum, she would make me lie on my back and she would jack and stroke on my cock till I exploded all over the place.

It didn?t take but a few sexxxx video ful hd strokes and she had me right where she wanted me. I was putty in her hands and she knew it. She had my cock standing up, swollen, fat and throbbin. As the water ran down my back she kept pulling on my cock in a slow sensual rhythm with her eyes glued on it so she could see when the first drop of precum showed up. It was only a few strokes before she got what she was going for. As my cock started to ooze the first drop of precum from its piss hole, Niki moaned and started to squeeze a little harder and milk my cock until the cock juice was running out all over the head. With that she dropped to her knees and slipped her hot wet lips around it.

She knew exactly what to do. I heard myself groan, and from my mouth came, ?Ahhhhhhhh !!! Baby, suck my cock.? I was lost somewhere in a sexual cock sucking bliss. Niki was a cock sucking machine. She was all over it and up and down it, shoving it down her throat and then sliding her hot, wet mouth back up to the head where her tongue was like a silky, wet, warm whirlwind around it as her soft wet lips firmly sucked at the same time. It was more than I could take. I started to hump my hips for her as the pressure in my balls became too much.

Again somewhere from inside me came a moan and the words, ?Baby I?m gonna cum!!!?

With that Niki immediately stood up, turned around and started walking out of the bathroom. When she got to the door she turned around and looked at me with that cute little grin and said, ?Hurry up and get your shower done. I want to take one too,? and walked out.

My mind was a blur, as my cock was left throbbing and jumping with every beat of my heart. Damn that little slut!!! I should have known that was what she was up to, but I just couldn?t help it. It felt so good, there was no way I was going to stop her.