Unexpected Houseguest4

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Unexpected Houseguest4

Tonight is the fundraiser. I had not seen Jessee all day and it is time to go to leave. I haven?t seen her costume to know if it is appropriate or not.

?Charles, have you seen Jessee??

?Yes sir, she left a message saying she was running late she would meet you at the /party/">party for you to go on ahead.?

This is great, not knowing if she would only be wearing a mask for the party or if she would find a way to have a suitable costume was beyond me. I couldn?t be late I have to mingle to try make attempts to get donations from those in attendance.

I left holding my breath hoping she would use good jugdement. Oh, what a joke that is considering she is sitting in a parked car naked, has given a /public/public-blow/blowjob-in-public/">blowjob in public. The more I thought about her behavior the more I liked it. I had been missing the spontaneous behavior in a relationship and this was so exciting.. I am now getting the feeling I should just let Jessee be her self and enjoy her sexual desires. If I try to place restrictions on her she may find herself moving on to some one like ?Steve.

I walked into the party with a positive attitude. I met with some of the most influential clients and so far no luck in getting more than a possible donation. The evening was winding down, many of the male clients had settled into the cigar room. I still had not seen Jessee. She must have found something suitable where she didn?t shine through.

I spotted Debra, she is one of the partners in the firm. I directed her to show some attention to the female clients for donations. ?I will be talking with the men in the cigar room.?

Just before walking into the room the waiter handed me a note which read:

You are so good at smooshing with the clients almost as good as you are at pleasing me. I want you so badly and can?t wait to have you tonight I have missed you so much today. I want to feel your cock in my mouth and make you cum for me.

I turned to ask the waiter where she was and he was gone. She had done what she wanted she had gotten my attention. I hope she isn?t up to anything.

I went into the room filled with smoke from the cigars and the men had started mixing themselves some drinks. They always tend to find this to be the best part of the evenings during these sort of fund raisers. I done my usual sales pitch and was also adding in a bit to keep them as clients.

The door from the service entrance opened, in walked a tall red head with extra high heels, a very small dress and a mask. Both were white and I could tell from the material how well it clung to the body. This had to be Jessee or was it.

The young lady walked around talking to the clients and she managed to get their attention very well.

?Brian I didn?t know you wanted the donations badly enough to hire entertainment,? said Mr. Jones. 

?I, I, I,? I stammered, and the beauty walked toward me.

?Shhhhhhhh,? she said as she put her fingers to my lips and her other hand on my crotch, she leaned in and whispered, ?Baby, your cock is aching for my mouth and I think if a littler entertainment helps you get your donations then we should give it to them.?

With that she let the straps of her dress fall from her shoulders and there she stood facing me with nothing on. I wanted to cover her up, and yet I didn?t. She took my hand led me to the center of the room when she said, ?Considering Brian here has arranged all this for you guys he should be the guest of honor for all his hard work,? she said in a very southern accent. As we walked to the center of the room she stood on the coffee table and her tits were pressed into my face. I couldn?t help but respond. I started licking and sucking them. ?Umm you do that so well, have you been practicing?? she asked. ?You are making my nipples so hard,? with that remark she pulled from me and turned around to show all the guys, ?look here how hard he is making my nipples.?

?Suck?em Brian, get them nipples to stand at attention for you like she has all of us.? Shouted one of the masked men. She then began to remove my cloths and before long she had me totally naked. Here I was totally nude in front of my clients with a hard on and a naked woman in front of me. Oh how I wished I could be unidentifiable as some of them were.

Jessee sat down and straddled the middle of the table, her pussy open for all eyes to view I was standing to the side and she started licking my cock, ?Umm tastes good.? She was saying as she licked me and then began rubbing the head of my cock around her lips as if it were a tube of lipstick.

?Suck that /girl/cock-girl/">cock girl!? shouted on of the men.

?Fuck her face Brian!? shouted another.

She began sucking me with the expertise she has in giving head. She reached around and grabbed my hips to motion me into a fucking motion. ?Umm god Suck it baby,? was all I could muster. She was sucking me so good and I didn?t mind these guys watching her suck my cock or looking at her beautiful naked body. I opened my eyes to notice a couple of them were stroking their cocks. They were enjoying her also.

She broke her suction on my cock and came up to meet me with a very wet kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close pressing her tits into me. She whispered in my ear ?Make me cum like only you know how.? ?Your wish is my command.? I placed Jessee out on the table here she was as if she was about to be the main feast of a buffet. I spread her legs to each side of the table and walked around her admiring her and giving all the others in the room a chance to see just how beautiful her body was. I then had her turn onto her stomach with her ass up in the air and I began to finger her pussy. She was gyrating on my hand like /crazy/">crazy. She was really enjoying being put on display for these men. The inside of her thighs were wet and without thinking only reacting I leaned in to lick her juices from her thigh. She tasted so good and there was plenty to lick up.

Be for long she was moaning like mad, She was beginning to get loud and I had to get her to be quieter. I turned her face and put my cock in her mouth. That helped but it wasn?t helping me. God could she suck cock. The wetter she became the more she sucked on my cock. I flipped her over and buried my head in her pussy. I couldn?t keep this up she was going to make me cum. I started fingering her pussy and sucking he clit and before long she was squirting juices all over the place. She squirted so hard some of her juice landed on Mr. Jones. He didn?t seem to mind he just picked it up with his finger and licked it off. ?Umm delicious? he said. She laid there panting and trying to catch her breath after she came. I raised up to brush her hair from her face, she kissed me and in a low exhausted voice she said, ?you know how to make me feel good, fuck me Brian, I love the way you feel, I love the way you make me feel, I love you Brian.? 

It was as if everyone in the room had just disappeared and I got on top of her and put my cock insider her ever so /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, she was kissing me so deeply I could feel her down to my toes, I loved Jessee I really did but I was so afraid of getting hurt by her, by her need to be so open with everyone about her body her sexuality. At that moment I didn?t care I was going to love her as long as she was there.

?Ughh, oh yea? I heard behind me. Someone must have been shooting their load.

?God this is better than any porno I have ever seen, look how she is taking that cock inside her pussy, how it holds on to him not wanting white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie to let him leave.? 

I felt her legs moving upward towards her chest, she was moving her legs to give me more access to her to allow me to go deeper inside her. I looked up at her and on each side of her was a masked man holding her legs. They were opening her up for me. 

?Are you gonna cum in that pink hole Brian?? one asked. I want to see her take a load of cum. 

It wasn?t long before I was cumming inside her I wasn?t sure if she was on birth control but at that moment I didn?t care I wanted to fill her to the limit. Just as the thoughts of flooding her pussy filled my mind I began to fill her pussy. I pumped all my cum inside her. When I got my composure and brought my body up from hers she grabbed my hand guided me over her and began sucking our cum from my cock. Oh that is always something I have wanted in a woman.

Jessee lay there letting my cum seep from her body as the guys in the room took their time looking at her and trying to recover from exhaustion.

?Brian, you can have my two million dollar account if you let me lick her clean if she is agreeable,? said Mr. Anderson.

I was shocked, I didn?t think he was into that sort of thing. J

?It has been so long since I seen a pussy like that I will do anything to get close to it no telling when the next time will be that I will get the chance to suck a pussy that enjoys it that much.?

I went to Jessee, ?Jessee, I hate to ask but Mr. Anderson has offered me his two million dollar account if he can suck you clean. The decision is yours.? Jessee looked me in the eye and she responded by saying, ?Brian, this is your pussy to do with as you wish, if you want the account that badly then yes he can, but only that and there is no one else in the room when he does.?

I reported to Mr. Anderson her conditions and he was in agreement. ?Gentlemen, the show is now over I think we should let the lady get her self together I will talk to you all next week, and please place your generous donations on the desk as you exit and please give accordingly.? 

Everyone left the room with the exception of Mr. Anderson. He came over and told Jessee how beautiful her pussy was and how he just had to taste her to touch her. He began by rubbing his hands over her pussy and then parted her lips to dive in. Here I was watching the best piece of ass I ever had, having my cum sucked from her pussy by my most valuable client. I was torn, here I was excited by the view and also jealous. 

As he was slupping on her pussy she motioned for me to come to her. I did as she requested and she began sucking my cock some more. ?I?m thirsty for you lover,? she said. She started sucking me and I loved it. Mr. Anderson had her legs over his shoulders lifting her ass off the ground and was sucking for all he was worth. ?umm, humm, ths god bst ps er.? I am not sure what he was saying he was talking into her pussy and I was afraid he was going to suffocate because he wasn?t coming up for air. Then I heard, ?URRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG? that was when Mr. Anderson rose from her pussy saying, now you know it is /pussy/good-pussy/">good pussy when it makes you do that.? ?When it makes you do what I asked, ?When you cum just from sucking it.? He was so wrapped up in her pussy he came just from eating her now yes it is that good.

She was sucking me like a mad woman and I felt the cum stirring inside me moving toward the end of my dick. I braced myself as to not to fall as I shot my load down her throat. 

As we all got dressed Mr. Anderson left a very good donation and let me know he would be contacting me real soon. I carried Jessee to the car because she was exhausted. I never wanted to let her go or loose her. 

?Jessee when you are rested and we can find the stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv time we need to have a long talk about things.?